Professional Equipment for Professional Results

Are expensive cameras, luxury lenses and flashy lighting required to make beautiful photographs? No, but they sure do help!

Canon 5D Mark IV (x2)
Canon 5D Mark II

Canon 15mm f/2.8
Canon 17-35mm f/2.8L
Canon 24-70mm f/2.8L II
Canon 50mm f/1.4
Canon 70-200mm f/2.8L IS II
Canon 85mm f/1.8

Lighting and Accessories
Canon 600EX-RT
Yongnuo YN600EX-RT (x2)
Yongnuo YN-622C Transceiver (x5)
Yongnuo RF-603C Transceiver (x4)
Canon Off-Camera Shoe Cord 2
AlienBees B800 (x2)
30″ x 60″ Foldable Giant Softbox
22″ Silver High Output Beauty Dish
45-inch Translucent White Umbrella (x2)
33-inch Translucent White Umbrella (x2)
LiteMod Unit Mainframe
LiteMod Snoot
LiteMod Barndoors
Vagabond Mini Lithium
CyberSync Trigger Transmitter
CyberSync Plus Receiver (AC) (x2)
10-foot General Purpose Light Stand
8-foot Cheetah Stand C8 Air (x2)
Impact 13’4-Section Heavy Duty Stand
Impact Umbrella Bracket (x4)

Impact 10′ x 12′ Background (Black/White Muslin)
Studiohut 5′ x 7′ Collapsible Background
Denny 5′ x 6′ Collapsible Background
Promaster extension tubes (12mm, 20mm, 36mm)
Flash L-Bracket (x2)
32″ Gold/Silver Reflector
Speedlite Diffusers and Gels
Tripod (x3)
Vanguard GH-100 Pistol-Grip Ballhead
Manfrotto 679B Monopod

Award-Winning Photography for All Occasions

Trevor’s work has won numerous accolades and been published in print and online by local and nationally-circulating publications.

The Wall Street Journal        The Huffington Post        Denver Post
Smithsonian        Target        SONY
Red Bull        Walmart        Yahoo!
Nordstrom        Kohl's        National Enquirer
Major League Lacrosse        Wayfair        Overstock