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My roommates and I are great fans of XBL Halo 3 and drinking, so when we Googled “Halo Drinking Games,” we were sadly dissapointed with the search results. This being so, we decided to create our own rules. It took a while to figure out the best way to balance the game so we created a few different ways to play…

Disclaimer: We are in no way responsible for anything that may happen as a result of playing this game. Drink smart, play smart.

Standard Rules

Most people play under the rules that you take a drink every time you die, every time you get a kill, or both. This is great for beer, but you’d better be good (or bad) because there is nothing worse than warm beer.

Medal Mayham

The object here is to get the other people you are playing with drunk. The better you do, the more they drink. My roommates and I played with vodka shots, so we toned the drinking down a bit…

KILLING SPREE – Choose one player to take a drink.
KILLING FRENZY – Choose two players to take a drink.
RUNNING RIOT – Choose one player to finish their drink.
RAMPAGE – Everybody drinks!
SHOTGUN/SWORD/SNIPER/SPLATTER SPREE – Choose one player to take a drink.
TRIPLE KILL – Choose one player to take a drink.
OVERKILL – Choose one player to take two drinks.
+ KILLTACTULAR AND ABOVE – Choose one player to finish their drink.
GRENADE STICK – Get stuck by a grenade? Take a drink!
SPLATTER – Get splattered? Take a drink!
PERFECTION – All other players finish their drinks.
EXTERMINATION – All other players finish their drinks.
Basically, if you do something good, tell someone to take a drink.

The Game of + and –

The player who is most negative/least positive at the end of the match takes a drink.
Any player who is negative at the end of the match takes a drink.
Take a drink for each negative point.

This game can be a lot of fun when the betrayals start…

Suicide (To be played with non-alcoholic beverages)

Take a drink when you:
capture a flag
hijack someone
snipe someone
splatter someone
melee someone
stick someone
kill someone
get a medal
drive a vehicle
throw a grenade
shoot at someone and miss
shoot at someone and hit
fire a bullet
walk 10 feet

If you have a killtactular drinking game of your own that you would like posted here, e-mail

Gamertag – “CptJusticeMoose”

Submitted by noahnisenkier:

Hey, me and my buddies made one too, but have sadly yet to make it, its for a 4 person FFA

Winner: Give 2 drinks
Loser: Drink 1
Any one but the loser with -KD Spread: One drink
Killing Spree: Give One Drink
Win 3 games in a row: make a rule (like kings or asshole)
Loose 4 games in a row: Make a rule
Get an overkill: Give one drink.

Submitted by K. C.:

Custom match – change all weapons on the map into plasma grenades – take a drink if you get stuck! (This can be done with pistols only or sniper headshots as well!)

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