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Welcome to the team!

I have found that establishing clear expectations is helpful when working with new 2nd shooters. I can’t expect you to get specific photos if I don’t tell you about them (duh). I apologize for the long list (though I assume you probably already take most of these shots, anyway).

Here are the points throughout the day where I will be relying on you to be an absolute superstar!

  1. Pre-ceremony: best place to buy generic Premarin online
  2. Pre-ceremony: Premarin by mail order
  3. Pre-ceremony: buy canadian Premarin
  4. Pre-ceremony: order Premarin canada
  5. Ceremony: Premarin purchase canada
  6. Post-ceremony: generic Premarin no prescription
  7. Post-ceremony: buy Premarin mexico
  8. Post-ceremony: where can i buy Premarin
  9. Post-ceremony: order Premarin from canada
  10. Post-ceremony: where can i order Premarin

can you buy Premarin over the counter in australia1.

Pre-ceremony: getting ready (typically with Groom/groomsmen) – details, candids, staged shots

Ask the groom if there are any important details that should be photographed. Often times, the groom won’t want photos of anything in particular, so it will be up to you to find them.

establishing shots (if applicable)

Important detail photos may include (but are not limited to):


pocket square
cuff links
tie clip



cigars/alcohol bottles/flasks

…anything else you think is important/cool!

I prefer natural light for these photos, if possible. Move items near a window or outside. Get creative with item arrangements. Shoot a good mix of directly overhead and down low.

I typically won’t use photos of people who have not yet put on their pants, so feel free to step out of the room if you or the groom/groomsmen are uncomfortable.
I definitely encourage you to capture smiles/laughing and any moments that tell a story. Some candid photos may require a bit of direction, but are mostly hands-off from there:
groom putting on cuff links (or groomsman helping groom with cuff links)

best man/father/brother/mother helping put on or adjusting groom’s tie/jacket/suspenders

groom putting on and adjusting tie

groom buttoning shirt/vest/jacket

…you may need to constantly remind them that they are allowed to smile:

groom putting on jacket

groom/groomsmen opening gifts

groom/groomsmen toast

boutineer pinning

general candids of guys getting ready/having fun

any interesting portraits you can find

Staged Shots
If you can’t get a clean photo on the Candids list, stage the shot. I will often move the Groom to another location for some of the “getting ready” photos if the lighting is poor/mixed or the space is cramped. Other staged shots can include:
groom/groomsmen doing a silly photo (great for slide shows)

can i buy Premarin over the counter in uk2.





Pre-ceremony: Groom/groomsmen portraits (if necessary)
I only expect my 2nd photographer to shoot formal portraits if the timeline demands it. I will let you know beforehand in these situations. However, if there is time, I’d appreciate extra photos early in the day in case something happens later that changes the timeline. Before taking formals, please do your best to get boutineers on all the guys!

“mafia” shot

sitting group photo, posed and casual

formal – straight line, jackets buttoned, hands in front

casual – straight line, jackets unbuttoned, hands in pockets (fingers in, thumbs out)

“rough ’em up” shot

“flying v” formation

jackets off/over shoulder

sock shot

“reservoir dogs” walking photo

“mix it up” shot
groom: full length formal

groom: 1/2 length formal/posed/relaxed/candid

not all portraits need to be vertical shots

groom: leaning

groom: sitting/crouching

groom with each groomsman – formal and silly

where to purchase Premarin3. Pre-ceremony: first look – capture tight bride/groom reactions and get creative angles
We’ll make a for this plan on-site. I’ll have you either take wide “progression” shots or shoot tight on the groom’s reaction. Be nimble, though, since you never know when the groom may forget and turn the wrong way. Switch to the bride (or simply shoot a different angle from me) once you’ve got the groom covered. Then get low and shoot through the grass/flowers or shoot through a tree, etc.

creative angles

capture the emotion!

buy Premarin online4. Pre-ceremony: stick to the bride like glue!
Stay with the bride to get candids of last minute hugs and prep. There are a few key shots I want with the bride and her father (or whomever is walking her down the aisle).
formal where they are both looking at the camera

looking at eachother

dad giving bride a kiss on the cheek

other candids and details

If the bride doesn’t mind you hanging around, take candids of any tender moments or cute shots of the flower girl(s)/ring bearer(s). If it seems like the bride may want a moment alone (don’t be afraid to ask if you’d prefer you step out), please do so.

order Premarin5. Ceremony: get the shots that I can’t
There are a few main photos I’m looking for during the ceremony:

wide of bride and father walking down aisle (shoot directly behind them so we don’t get in one another’s frames)

tight shot of groom’s reaction over bride’s shoulder (if possible – two camera bodies helps here)
kiss from groom’s side showing bride OR wide angle down center aisle
detail or creative shots, anything showing emotion

recessional (I typically follow the bride and groom out – please stay for the recessional)

buy Premarin canada6. Post-ceremony: reception details
Depending on the timeline, I may need you to rush over to the reception and take detail photos. Shoot from high, medium and low angles, when appropriate. Be sure to shoot wide and tight. In general, I am looking for 3-5 great wide room shots and details of the following:

welcome/guestbook table

gift table

place cards

cake/dessert table

head table/sweetheart table
a couple good shots of complete tables

place settings

each unique centerpiece

party favors

any pre-set food makes for a stronger photo

any additional signage or details that you may find

I prefer that you use available light, if possible. If it is too dark, diffused OCF is best. Shoot the room shots at f/9 for sharpness – set your camera on a flat surface and use the self-timer for best results. Wide apertures are fine for most everything else. Be sure to take wide and detail shots of everything. Eye-level and overhead shots are encouraged!

purchase Premarin online7. Post-ceremony: cocktail hour candids/grip-and-grins

I’d like a good balance between happy, smiling candids and waist up/head at the top of the frame photos (for small groups) where the guests are looking at the camera. A few good “overall” shots of the cocktail hour are great, too!

where to buy cheap Premarin8. Post-ceremony: Wedding party photos – grab close-ups and bride each bridesmaid/groom with each groomsman/individual portraits

Once you’ve taken a good set of reception details and cocktail hour photos, I should be wrapping up the family photos. If we didn’t do any wedding party photos before the ceremony, focus on:

close-ups of the bride and groom/wedding party members when I’m shooting group photos

different angles

candid moments

details are also good
while I am working with the bride and bridesmaids, take photos of the groom with each groomsman and individuals, if there is time

do the same for the bride and bridesmaids!

details are great, too if I haven’t had time to grab them

can you buy Premarin over the counter in the uk9. Post-ceremony: Bride and Groom romantics – capture emotion and get creative

shoot different angles

if you see me shooting wide, put on your long lens (and vice versa) – shoot high and low through the grass or trees

if I am setting up for a new angle, feel free to ask for the bride and groom’s attention if you have a really killer shot

grab details, too

buy Premarin generic10. Post-ceremony: reaction shots during grand entrance, toasts, etc.

During the reception, get candids and grip-and-grins. Don’t worry about shooting anything once people start eating. When the festivities start, focus on reaction shots before focusing in on the action.

shoot the “catch” for bouquet and garter