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Hello, and thanks for your interest in 2nd shooting weddings with me! If everything works out to be a good match, I hope to build a mutually beneficial relationship and make some beautiful photos with you!

While I try not to be overly demanding, I must hold my 2nd photographers to a very high standard. In the unlikely event I am unable to photograph a wedding due to emergency or serious illness, I promise my clients that my 2nd photographer is 100% willing and capable to cover the wedding on their own (at a higher pay rate, of course!). That’s why I am only looking for people with the right skills and experience who are reliable and enthusiastic. If this is something you are comfortable with, read on!

My ideal 2nd shooter candidate closely fits the following criteria:

  • You have photographed 40+ weddings as 2nd shooter for 5+ companies/individuals
  • You have photographed 40+ weddings as lead shooter
  • Primary camera requirements:
    Canon 5D MK III or better
    Nikon D750 or better
    Sony Alpha 7R II or better
    Fuji X-T2 or better
  • Backup camera requirements:
    Canon 6D or better
    Nikon D750 or better
    Sony Alpha 7R II or better
    Fuji X-T2 or better
  • Lens requirements:
    24-70 f/2.8 OR 20mm/24mm & 35mm/50mm & 85mm primes
    70-200 f/2.8 OR 135mm/200mm prime
    (If you’re interested, this is what I shoot with.)
  • You are comfortable shooting in full Manual mode (shutter, aperture, ISO)
  • You are comfortable with Manual and ETTL OCF
  • You are comfortable shooting in Kelvin with gels
  • You carry your own liability insurance

I shoot a lot of weddings with very limited available light so fast glass and bodies that handle high ISOs are very important.

I’m not married to all the above requirements if you’ve got the right experience, skill, and personality!

All jobs are “work-for-hire” and contractors assign all image copyrights to TrevGStudios.

Contractors are allowed to use images in their portfolio two weeks after final images have been delivered to the client (unless the client has requested that their photos remain private). Contractors are not obligated to credit TrevGStudios but must not use the client(s)’ name nor tag them on social media. Contractors shall represent only TrevGStudios and will not promote any other business interest while on the job.

Compensation starts at $35/hr. for 2nd shooters and $65/hr. for lead.

If you’re still interested, please fill out this form to get started!